Solo Exhibition: Agonism / Antagonism

20th September to Mid-December 2018 - Private View 19th September

Grant Museum of Zoology

The culmination of Neus' residency in the Reuter Laboratory of UCL with Dr. Max Reuter. We are thrilled to present artworks on the genetic phenomenon of sexual antagonism from physical sculpture to computer animations set amidst the amazing exhibits of the Grant Museum of Zoology.

Agonism / Antagonism explores the uneasy alliance that exists between genders. The different needs of the genders within a species inevitably result in a phenomenon known as genetic antagonism, where what is best for the species may be actively detrimental for one of its genders to the benefit of the other.

Agonism, a political theory that emphasises the importance and necessity of conflict within politics, is a good metaphor for genetic antagonism; its inevitability within sexually reproducing species implies that it plays an important role in evolution.

There will be a private view on the evening of the 19th September.


Grant Museum of Zoology

Rockefeller Building

University College London

21 University Street

London WC1E 6DE

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