Cryptic: Art & Science 2016

Exhibition curated by Neus Torres Tamarit and hosted at the Crypt Gallery at Euston Road, London, from the 4th to the 7th of October 2016.

Framed under the ‘Art and Science’ umbrella, 15 international artists and scientists exhibited original artwork created specifically for the exhibition. The different subjects are; mutation and evolution, parallel universe theories, climate change, robotics experiments, Archimedean solids, the current political climate, transformation of nature, the sense of smell, exploration of ways of presenting difficult feelings such as anxiety, molecular science research, the reconnection of humanity to the natural world, interventional surgery, culture and self-consciousness in current society, as well as live performances of scientific experiments.

The exhibition was kindly supported by The Bree Louise, providing drinks for the private view, and Call Print, providing promotional materials.


Neus Torres Tamarit in collaboration with Ben Murray

Ainne Burke

Hannah Scott

Heather Scott

Franceska McCullough

Agnese Basova

Nicolas Strappini

Monika Dorniak

Iting Shih

Beckie Leach

Maria Macc

Yu Ji

Michelle von Mandel

Josh Chow joshchow

Virginie Serneels