The AI Gallery, National Gallery X, The National Gallery, 2021

An art exhibition created with machine learning and other AI techniques curated by National Gallery X co-director Ali Hossaini and Neus Torres Tamarit of Phenotypica.

The exhibition features 17 internationally exhibited artists including Phenotypica's latest video creation The Chaos of Raw Unknowing.

At Trusting Machines? we aim to spark insights and deeper conversations. In years to come, the AI Gallery will continue as a 'cultural exchange programme' between humanity and the systems whose influence - and mystery - grows daily. Machine arts challenge traditional notions of creativity, but we think it is vital not to anthropomorphise autonomous systems. As the exhibition grows, we will work with the TAS Hub and beyond to develop a rigorous framework for understanding the emerging palettes of AI art and how they fit into human society.

In partnership with the UKRI's Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub, National Gallery X is exhibiting art created with machine learning and other AI techniques. The exhibition launches at Trusting Machines?, a conference we've co-produced with RUSI and the TAS Hub. Here you'll find new commissions, projects from Nottingham's Mixed Reality Lab, and art from around the world.